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                  "OPEN UKRAINE RTTY CHAMPIONSHIP'2009"

1. Date:          07-08 March 2009.
                  The CONTEST consist of two parts: LOW BAND (1,8 &
                  3,5 MHz) and HIGH BAND (7, 14, 21 & 28 MHz).

2. Time:          LOW BAND part includes 2 rounds: the First round
                  is from 22:00 - 23:59 UT (07 March), the Second - from
                  00:00 - 01:59 UT (08 March).
                  HIGH BAND part: 08:00 - 11:59 UT (08 March).

3. Bands:         1,838 - 1,842 MHz; 3,580 - 3,620 MHz; 7,035 - 7,045 MHz;
                  14,070 - 14,112 MHz; 21,080 - 21,120 MHz; 28,080 -
                  28,200 MHz.

4. Mode:          RTTY (BAUDOT).

5. Call:          CQ UKR.
                  Attention! Repeated QSO with the same participant is
                  permitted on different bands and in each round of
                  LOW BAND-part.

6. Exchange:      Two letters - the abbreviation of region (state, canton,
                  province, land, uyzd, district, county, lan, etc.) +
                  serial number starting from 001.
                  For example:
                  Poltava region (Ukraine)-PO001; Ancona (Italy)-AN021;
                  Alsace (France)-AL035; Gotlands lan (Sweden)-GO123.

7. Scoring:       2 points for each contact on HIGH BAND-part and for each
                  contact in each round LOW BAND-part + 10 points for new
                  region (province, canton, district, etc.) on each bands
                  of HIGH BAND-part and on each bands and in each round of
                  LOW BAND-part.

8. Classes:       A   -  SOMB, one transmitter;
                  B   -  MOMB, one transmitter;
                  C   -  SOSB  1,8 MHz, one transmitter;
                  D   -  SOSB  3,5 MHz, one transmitter;
                  E   -  SOSB  7,0 MHz, one transmitter;
                  F   -  SOSB 14,0 MHz, one transmitter;
                  G   -  SOSB 21,0 MHz, one transmitter;
                  H   -  SOSB 28,0 MHz, one transmitter.

                  For single band participants are allowed to sign in one
                  SOSB class of LOW BAND contest part and in another one
                  SOSB class in HIGH BAND part of contest separated.
                  Please mark you choice in the log and e-mail message!

9. Final scoring: For classes A and B - Total score is the sum of all bands
                  For classes C,D,E,F,G and H - the score is single band

10. Awards:       There are Diploma and medal "CHAMPION OF UKRAINE RTTY'2009"
                  for the first, second and third place of A and B classes;
                  There are Diploma "OPEN UKRAINE RTTY CHAMPIONSHIP'2009"
                  for the first, second and third place of C,D,E,F,G and H
                  classes and Awards "UKRAINE" for top ten of all classes.

11. Logs:         Cabrillo format is preferred. LOG need your personal info,
                  class, address; full QSO data, eg: band, mode, date, time,
                  your call, send exchange, station call, received exchange.
                  Follow is an example of LOG file.

                  All participants in any class must send his log as one
                  file - "call.log" or "call.cbr", for example ux0ff.log,
                  And as well a summary sheet. Comments, anecdotes and
                  suggestions will be welcomed!
                  LOGs entries must be postmarked or E-mailed
                  by 08 April 2009.

12. Note:         All logs will be cross-checked by special computer
                  software. We are going to use for the final Result ONLY
                  QSOs which have QSO time declination no more than 2 minutes.

                  Please don't forget to correct Your computer's clock before
                  the Contest!

                  We are going to use for the final Result ONLY QSOs confirmed
                  by received LOGs! Please send Your LOG even if You made only
                  a few QSOs.

                  All participants regardless of category must remain on the
                  band at least 10 minutes after changing bands, quick QSY
                  to another bands is permitted only for category B (multi-op)
                  to work new region (province, district). QSOs made during
                  10-minute rule on another band and which are not new regions
                  will be removed from the LOG without penalty.

                  All stations can use public spotting networks (DX Cluster),
                  but self-spotting techniques is not allowed for all classes.

                  This contest is supported by "MixW2" software:

                  For "RTTY by WF1B" users:
                  you can download special converter to make you LOG in
                  Don't forget to read manual to this converter before contest!

                  If your RTTY software don't support log format for this
                  contest, please make modification using follow example

CLUB: "Kremenchug radioamateurs union"
ADDRESS: Kremenchug-21
ADDRESS: Ukraine
ADDRESS: 39621
ADDRESS: email:
OPERATORS: 1.... 2..... 3.....
QSO:  3500 RY 2007-03-03 2200 UT1HZM        PO  001    UU8JQ        SL  001
QSO:  3500 RY 2007-03-03 2200 UT1HZM        PO  002    UT5DL        ZA  001
QSO:  3500 RY 2007-03-03 2201 UT1HZM        PO  003    ER5KS        MD  001
QSO:  1800 RY 2007-03-03 2304 UT1HZM        PO  051    YL2KF        LM  025

13. Address for LOGs:

                  GEORGE IGNATOV (UT1HT),
                  P.O. Box 87,
                  KREMENCHUG-21, UKRAINE, 39621.

14. Disqualification:    Violation of the Rules; unsportmanlike behavior.

               The abbreviation of Ukrainian regions
                    27 administrative regions

          CH - Cherkasy region           LV - Lviv region
          CR - Chernigiv region          NI - Mykolaev region
          CN - Chernivcy region          OD - Odesa region
          DN - Dniepropetrovsk region    PO - Poltava region
          DO - Donetsk region            RI - Rivno region
          HA - Kharkiv region            SL - Sevastopil city
          HE - Kherson region            SU - Sumy region
          HM - Khmelnitskij region       TE - Ternopil region
          IF - Ivanofrankivsk region     VI - Vinnytsa region
          KI - Kirovograd region         VO - Volyn region
          KO - Kiev region               ZA - Zakarpattya region
          KR - A.R. Crimea               ZH - Zhitomir region
          KV - Kiev city                 ZP - Zaporizhzhe region
          LU - Lugansk region

      We hope to meet you in the "OPEN UKRAINE RTTY CHAMPIONSHIP'2008"
      and please kindly inform your friends about rules of this Contest!

                       Welcome to the Contest!


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