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RULES 2009

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 Sponsored by: The Ukrainian Contest Club (UCC), The Ukrainian Amateur
 Radio League (UARL) .

 Date: The 1st full weekend of November (in 2009 it will be on 7-8 of

 Time: 12:00 UTC Saturday to 12:00 UTC Sunday.

 Modes: CW and SSB.

 Frequency Bands: 1.8 - 28 MHz (excluding WARC bands).

 Categories of participants:
 A - Single Op - All Bands - HP - MIXed (CW,SSB);
 A-CW - Single Op - All Bands - HP - CW ;
 A-SSB - Single Op - All Bands - HP - SSB ;
 B - Single Op - All Bands - LP (max. output power 100 watts) - MIXed
 B-CW - Single Op - All Bands - LP (max. output power 100 watts) - CW ;
 B-SSB - Single Op - All Bands - LP (max. output power 100 watts) - SSB ;
 C - Single Op - All bands - QRP (max. output power 5 watts) - MIXed
 D - Single Op - Single Bands - MIXed (CW,SSB);
 E - Multi Op - All Bands - Single TX - MIXed (CW,SSB);

 All entries separated by World and Ukraine.
 All participants regardless of category must remain on the band at
 least 10 minutes after changing bands, quick QSY to another bands
 is permitted only to work new multiplier. There is no any limitation for
 mode change on the band.
 Start time will be determined on the first QSO made on that particular
 QSOs made during 10-minute rule on another band by mistake and
 which are not multipliers will be counted as 0 points without penalty.
 The use of DX-cluster is permitted for all categories however
 is strictly prohibited.
 You can make up to 2 QSO with the same station on the same band -
 CW and SSB. CW QSOs must be made in the CW portion of the band.
 Duplicate contacts with same station on the same mode and band counts
 0 points. No penalty for duplicate QSO. Please do not delete dupes.
 In the Single Band category you can make QSO on other bands.
 Single Band entrants who operate other bands during the contest are
 encouraged to submit full log for more than one band to aid in the log
 cross-checking process.They should send one Cabrillo file of full log
 and thoroughly indicate correct category in the head of the file.

 Contest exchange:
 For Ukrainian stations: RST(RS) + two letters (oblast abbreviation);
 For all other participants: RST(RS) + serial number starting from 001.
 List of Ukrainian oblasts abbreviations:


 QSO points:
 a) 1 point for QSO with own country;
 b) 2 points for QSO with different country on the same continent;
 c) 3 points for QSO with different continent;
 d) 10 points for QSO with Ukraine (for participants outside of Ukraine

 DXCC and WAE countries plus Ukrainian oblasts on every band.
 Ukraine also is a country multiplier for foreign stations, i.e. the
 first QSO on each band gives 2 multipliers.

 *For stations in Ukraine multiplier is DXCC + WAE countries only
 (Ukraine counts as a country).

 Awards and plaques.
 Winner in each category will be awarded by plaque or prize.
 Top 10 leaders in all categories will receive awards.

 Below is the list of plaques, prizes and sponsors:


A - SOAB HP MIXed - EU -  Plaque , sponsors UX1UF & UCC.
A - SOAB HP MIXed - DX -  Plaque , sponsors UR0MC & UCC.
B - SOAB LP MIXed - Plaque , sponsor UA6LV.
C - SOAB QRP MIXed - Prize , sponsor UT2II.
D - SOSB MIXed - Prizes , sponsor UY5XE.
E - MOAB MIXed - Plaque , sponsor UN9LW (UP0L).


A - SOAB HP MIXed - Plaque , sponsors UT7UJ & UCC.
A-CW - SOAB HP CW - Plaque , sponsors UT7UJ & UCC.
A-SSB - SOAB HP SSB - Plaque , sponsors UT7UU & UCC.
A - SOAB HP MIXed - Prize for maximum number of multiplier,
     sponsor UT1IA.
B - SOAB LP MIXed - Plaque , sponsor UR5DDX.
B-CW - SOAB LP CW - Plaque , sponsor UT8IO.
B-SSB - SOAB LP SSB - Plaque , sponsor UT7QF.
C - SOAB QRP MIXed - Plaque , sponsor UR7EU.
     160m -  Plaque, sponsor UY5ZZ
     80m - Prize, sponsor DF4ZL
     40m - Prize, sponsor UR5DDX
     20m - Plaque, sponsor UT7UV
     15m - Prize, sponsor DL9FBF
     10m - Plaque, sponsor UR4UDI .
E - MOAB HP MIXed - Plaque , sponsor UARL.

Special thanks to UT7UV,...................... for sponsoring and

Great thanks to PRE "RadioSystems" (UY5YB) and Ukrainian HF Portal
( ) for information support.

 CABRILLO is preferred format for logs. Ukrainian DX Contest is
 supported by most of popular contest loggers as follows :
 MixW ( ), TR4W ( ),
 TRlog ( or ),
 SD ( ), N1MM-log ( ), AAtest ( ), Writelog ( ), RCKlog
 ( ), Win-Test ( ), etc.

 Log-converters for *.*.dat files by TRlog to CABRILLO format files you
 can download at (by UA9CIR) or (by UA4WLI).

 LOGs must be sent within 30 days after the end of the contest
 to UCC HQ:
 P.O. Box 4850, Zaporozhye, 69118, Ukraine.
 E-mail for cabrillo format logs:
 Reception of every e-mail LOG will be confirmed. If there is a problem
 with your LOG you will be notified by Contest Committee.

 All logs will be checked by special software for UBN (unique, bad,
 not in log) contacts. Unique calls will be removed from the LOG.
 QSO is not counted for the following:
 incorrectly logged call (Bad Call), incorrectly logged exchange
 numbers, QSO is not confirmed in the other station's log (NIL).
 Also QSO is not counted for the following:
 other station incorrectly logged entrant's call, other station
 incorrectly logged entrant's exchange number, QSO time in entrant's
 log and other station's log difference is more than 3 minutes (except
 systematic computer errors), QSO bands or modes in entrant's log
 and other station's log differ (except systematic errors), dupe QSO
 which is not in the other station's log.
 Participants may be disqualified for breaking the rules of the contest
 or unsportsmanlike behaviour.
 The decision of Contest Committee is final.

 Full final results and rules of the Ukrainian DX Contest can be
 seen at .

 73 & GL !
 URDXC Committee

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